Writeups summarizing the Inspirationals publications

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Is Your Dream Your Master or Servant

When we allow God’s word, God’s will and God’s way to occupy our thoughts we will dream who we ought to be.

This book is aimed at helping us process our dreams in a productive way.

It Shall Be Well

In this book the writer, Mrs. Beatrice Adesida, a Christian of many years standing to God’s glory and with many experiences in the vicissitudes of different areas of life, counsels us not to be weary as

“it shall be well”

whatever we might be facing.

Serving God with the Next Generation in mind

Serving God with the Next Generation in mind is the challenge of our time as Christian Adults, Children and Youths.

It is supreme and a task that must be done.

This book will enlighten your mind in ways you can avoid leaving a generation gap behind you.

The Offence of the Cross

The preaching of the cross of Jesus Christ usually provokes hostility. The Cross is a trouble shooter or causes trouble to the enemies of Christ.

A battle line is drawn between us and the kingdom of darkness immediately we accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. However, our victory over Satan and his cohorts is sure through our Captain, Jesus Christ, who declares us winner even before the battle begins.

The Christian Sabbath Rest

The Christian Sabbath Rest I am presenting to you is different from the doctrinal Sabbath but a day or period/season set apart to rest.

It is an opportunity to refrain, retreat, refresh, renew, refocus, and regenerate and revigurate.

From Insight to Action

A collection of true testimonies of men and women who rely on God’s unchanging word.

What Will You be Remembered For?

What will you be remembered for when you’re no longer in the place or position you are now by circumstance of life such as relocation or transfer or death?

Will somebody miss you or remember a virtue in you when you are no longer there?

Will there be a vacuum with your exit?

This book will show you how to live right so you can finish well.

The Misery of the Unconverted

It is a miserable thing to be unconverted. In other words, anyone who is not converted is a miserable person.

This book is aimed at exposing our minds to pitfalls that make life miserable and ways to avoid them.

It will also help us to make heaven our destiny and provoke us to begin or continue the journey right now in Christ.

An Intercessor’s Companion

This book will aid every Christian to answer God’s call in EZEKIEL 22:30:

So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall and stand in the gap before me (God) on behalf of the land that I should not destroy it…

It will add to an intercessor’s commitment to this unique and noble ministry.

Is Fear Your Master or Servant

The biggest obstacle to decision making especially the ultimate one, salvation, is fear.

That is, the fear of losing our marriage, job, position, property and life.

This book would help us to throw away fear and begin trusting God for our salvation, health, deliverance, and all we need in order to enjoy life in its fullness.

Every Wind of Doctrine

False doctrine is a poison.

It can be a slow, fast and instant killer.

It kills so run away or keep-off!

This book shows the way out and how to avoid being trapped.

Break Yourself from Curses, Yokes, Strongholds and Snares:

All humans came into this world through family roots or generations with unique heritages and features.

The moment a person is born again (Christian conversion), Satan can no longer exercise any authority over or make legal demands from him/her.

Numbering Your days Aright

Are you numbering your days aright or not?

This book provides the right answers to this crucial question.

Position and Purpose Driven Life

Goal gives direction while direction leads to destination.

Position drives goal to its destination.

If driven positively, it shall be well and if driven otherwise, it shall be regretful. The choice is ours.

The Virtues of Being the Least

The place of being the least is the reservoir of God’s power and strength. It is servanthood and humility in action and not just in words.

It is diligence, faithfulness and fruitfulness in God’s service.

Being the least is being like Jesus in thought, word and deed: Who…made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant…Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him…and given him a name which is above every name…